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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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Ever since I laid my hands on O2 XDA Serra aka HTC Raphael aka HTC Touch Pro , I have always loved the device despite it’s limitations on battery life and have found some really useful apps during my association with windows mobile (for last five years or so) which found their way onto Serra as well. While I have known for a while that we can flash ROMS, I was perhaps over protective when it came to Serra and never really went beyond doing a HardSPL for device but last Sunday when I was fiddling with the facebook application and SMS registration, I realised that each time I sent an SMS and then tried to open the internet explorer or opera they will just crash demanding a soft reset. I could instantly find the problem to be Kaspersky Anti-Virus(KAV) failure. It is not possible to remove KAV without a hard reset at least not to my knowledge. (A hard reset is what brings your device back to factory conditions). Now since a Hard Reset would mean lot of work in terms of reinstalling all my beloved apps etc, I figured I might as well see if there is some other ROM I could use. This is what triggered my quest.

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