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Sunday, March 17, 2013

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Today "Jump" was available for free on Amazon as the app of the day and since it's nearly 7 quids on google play store, I downloaded. For windows and Mac users they have a pretty straight forward set-up but as usual for Linux it means some work but in the end it leaves you with a set-up you can trust and feel secure about. There are three things that need to be set-up for this to work:

1. Linux Mint machine should be set-up for x11vnc and ssh servers
2. Router firewall should be configured to allow inbound traffic on specific ports.
3. Jump or equivalent vnc viewer should be configured on the android device.

Read on for detailed steps to achieve each of the above goals...

Friday, March 1, 2013

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Right, I have decided to play around a little with the most loved language of open source a. k. a.  Python.

How do we do that? By coding?

Aha and how do I code for Python and be productive given I am a semi-part-time-hobbyist kinda programmer...I am heavily inclined to use an IDE...and an IDE that actually has some GUI began my search to find out what are my options in the exciting open source world.

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